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Mehgan Sapphire is
now available for:​​
  • Interviews
  • Voiceover work
  • Podcast consulting
  • Entertainment Journalism

Sapphire and Eric met when he hosted an hour of radio for Playboy Radio. They travel all over the place, talking about changes in Sapphire's life; how men need to step up when dating; bisexuality; Hitler dicks, angry dicks and limp dicks; public sex; Symphorophilia; sensory depravation; fantasies; threesomes; and the Sex Terminator.

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Sapphire & Yasmine DeLeon join the Good Moms as they dive into polyamorous relationships verses open relationships, and Sapphire educates on juggling five partners including a married woman, a Dom, and group sessions.

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E-Money and Jackie invite Mehgan Sapphire on to talk about the world of polyamory, the perfect blowjob, and working in the porn industry.

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