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Mehgan Sapphire is not your average radio personality. Since 2009, she has been on a variety of radio outlets, including CBS Radio, Sirius XM, and iHeartRadio stations. Sapphire has also worked behind the scenes in the adult industry since 2012 when Playboy asked her to be a host and producer. Her mission is to use her radio talents to spread sex positivity and create safe spaces for sex workers.


Currently, Sapphire is one of the premiere hosts of the Mōn app, a sex-positive platform for moderated conversations. Her world famous podcast of 13 years, Sapphire's Earplay, now updates with live discussions and special recordings. In addition, you can hear Sapphire reporting traffic for Real 92.3 in LA and the Black Information Network on iHeartRadio (Riverside and San Francisco).

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